Animal Care Providers

Cloud Application

Offsite Backup of Animal Health Data

Cloud Application

VetMasterID cloud accounts provide peace-of-mind knowing all business animal identification and health data is securely stored offsite.  Data is permanently retained, even when there’s a care provider change. 

The same data is always available 24/7/365.  Of comfort to the pet owner as well, is that PetMasterID pet data is safe for the pet’s lifetime, even if pet care providers go out of business or suffer a catastrophic business destruction. 

Cyber Security Protection of Client & Animal Data

Being subjugated to a ransomware demand is nerve wracking. All client pet data stored in VetMasterID cloud accounts is safe.

We all know the most important asset of a business is its data.  All client pet data stored in VetMasterID cloud accounts is safe.  

We strongly recommend all animal care providers use due diligence to protect their computing assets with regular secure backups. Most ransomware attacks are NOT targeting specific businesses as reported in the media. They are randomly attacking ANY computing device with an intrusion opening. Weak firewalls or clicking on untrustworthy email links expose computing assets. Please ensure you are able to quickly and accurately recover from infestation or ransomware attacks.

How Organizations use VetMasterID and PetMasterID

What is VetMasterID? 

VetMasterID is a secure animal care provider business cloud application for storing and retrieving all animal data. VetMasterID subscription accounts receive commissions for animals obtaining PetMasterID subscriptions. 

Animal data is currently maintained by pet care organizations.  An optional add-in interface is available for obtaining or transferring copies of health care documents.  All pet owner and animal data are stored in a subscription-based PetMasterID database  connected to it’s VetMasterID account.  VetMasterID account owners should encourage their clients/pet owners to obtain PetMasterID subscriptions for their animals.  

What is PetMasterID? 

PetMasterID is a secure pet cloud application pet owners use to store and retrieve lifetime pet health documentation, along with monitoring and administering pet medication.  A bonus feature is the option to instantly report pet as lost. 

This subscription-based application maintains pet owner contact and pet identification information. The data is available 24/7/365 with an abundance of valuable features concerning pet health and security.  

Storing and retrieving lifetime pet health documentation quickly is essential when there’s an immediate need. Such as, traveling with a pet that encounters a serious health issue. Monitoring and administering pet medication is simplified by scanning the pet’s QR Code. A lost pet finder can scan the pet’s QR Coded tag to obtain owner contact information. Using a Bluetooth enabled microchip scanner paired with a smart phone cursor positioned in the Microchip ID text box on the Support page of PetMasterID or VetMasterID, can yield desired contact information only when pet has a PetMasterID account. In any case, there is no need to contact a central lookup control center or search many worldwide lost pet databases.

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VVA Adoption Search Protocol

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  • Medication Monitoring
  • Benefits
  • Guest Experience

Foster Pet Parents

  • Infrastructure and Setup
  • Inviting New Foster Parents
  • Pet Inventory Management
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All Pet Care Providers

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  • Sending Invitations to Clients and Guests
  • PetMasterID Pet Memberships
  • Uploading Pet Health Documents
  • Advanced Lost Pet and Recovery
  • QR Code Printing and Labeling

To Learn About a Pet, Scan Pet's QR Code

Shelters & Rescues

  • Simplified pet viewing, personal visiting and adoption.
  • Transfer adopted pets info & medical records easily to their new families.
  • Manage pet inventory & access pet information on the go.
  • Monitor all pet medications and administer as indicated. 
  • Easily integrated with current adoption procedures. 
  • Earn Commission for each pet acquiring PetMasterID subscription!

Every PetMasterID Pet Subscription receives 1 ID Card & 3 ID Tags


  • Earn Commission for each pet you sign up!
  • Get listed on our locator & be discovered by thousands of pet parents.
  • Accelerate the discharge process with remote invoice payments.
  • Manage pet medication & access prescription data & monitor and track medication administration in real-time.
  • Receive immediate lost pet alerts from clients.
  • Access to lost pet reporting database.
  • Add existing or new pet microchip ID to newly signed-up PetMasterID pets.

Pet Parents

Unique Pet ID Tags & Microchips

  • Access anytime-anywhere information by scanning the pet tag QR code to view owner, medical, and prescription information.

Pet Owner Security

  • When traveling, a QR Code scan by a non-primary care provider for access to pet health information requires pet owner approval.
  • Pet owner has full control of what information is displayed on a QR Code scan.
  • Simplifies pet identification during short term boarding.

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