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How Do You Track Your Pet ID Records?

How do you manage your pet ID records? Everything from your companion’s adoption papers to their most recent checkup— these files are essential for preventative and ongoing care, especially when it comes to animals with special conditions or underlying health issues. 

Unless you stay on top of every form of documentation, pet medical records can be tricky to retrieve and difficult to organize. Fortunately, Pet Master ID removes all of the burden. 

Here’s how: 

Easily Obtain Pet ID Records

When you sign up with Pet Master ID, we first accumulate a comprehensive history of your family member, including pet vet records and any other information available. Their medical records can be challenging to access, incomplete and spread between rescue shelters, boarding facilities and veterinary hospitals. Fortunately, we have the tools to recover them. 

Once we have cumulative documentation of these pet medical records, we’ll store them in one, easy-to-access location for pet owners to retrieve at any time. All you need is a smartphone. 

Gain Unrestricted Control Over Pet Vet Records

You now have full control over every aspect of your pet medical history. We’ll send you a set of tags with a QR code that’s scannable from any smart device and will give you immediate access to all your pet’s health information in one convenient location. 

Pet Master ID allows you to monitor pet medications and provides reminders on when to administer vaccinations, meds and other forms of treatment. You’ll also be able to easily share your pet health records with anyone you wish to provide access to. No more hunting down files and missing records— you can now transfer this information at the touch of a button!

Secure Pet ID Records + The Instant Pet Finder Feature 

Pet Master ID assures that pet vet records are secure and in your control, which means only you can provide others access to them. As an added bonus, we’re including the instant pet finder feature when you sign up. 

If your family member wanders away and someone finds them, they can quickly scan the QR code to see only the information required to return them home safely— the pet medical records will not show up for them since you didn’t provide access. You can also immediately report a lost pet to the nation’s largest pet recovery database. 

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Pet Master ID provides in-depth documentation of all pet medical history, along with everything needed to keep your furry friend safe, healthy and happy. 

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