How to Get Vet Records

How to Get Vet Records, The Right Way

Having easy access to your pet’s medical history is key in determining the frequency and type of care your furry companion needs. Vaccinations, past treatments and any ongoing health issues are important to maintain your pet’s safety, health and happiness. 

But what’s the best way to access this information? Pet Master ID will show you how to get vet records, the right way. 

Register Your Pet

All you have to do is register your furry friend and we’ll begin compiling a comprehensive record of their medical history, including medication reminders for veterinary care. 

Once the process is complete, we’ll ship tags printed with your unique QR code, along with instructions on how to access the pet records straight from any camera and internet-enabled device.

For quickest access, scan the code with your smartphone— you can even have the QR code printed on other material and attached to your pet’s collar. 

Gain Secure & Shareable Access to Pet Records

You’ll now have secure access to your extensive pet medical history and be able to share this information easily. You can authorize access to veterinarians, caregivers, boarders and anyone else you wish to share this information with.

Although we make it easy to share pet records, you get to decide who it goes to. Only authorized users will have access. 

How to Get Vet Records with Pet Master ID

The process is simple:

  1. Sign Up: Tell us about your pet and we’ll assign your unique QR code ID 
  2. Get Your ID: We’ll ship your QR code on a pet tag and pet ID card. 
  3. Access Anytime, Anywhere: Scan the QR code anytime, anywhere for quick and secure access to all your pet’s health information. 

We’re also offering our Lost Pet Alert feature, which allows owners to immediately report a lost pet into our global lost pet database— at no additional charge. 

Sign up today or learn more about Pet Master ID! 

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