Pet health information online

The Benefits of Accessing Pet Health Information Online

We’ve all been through the process: putting in a request for pet records, waiting for them to arrive, losing track of the documents and then repeating the process— it’s even more inconvenient when you move or change veterinarians.

Accessing pet health information online is the modern way to keep track of vaccinations, medical history, and other ongoing upkeep to ensure your companion’s wellness. Here are the benefits of this approach: 

Convenient Access 

Hosting pet health information online allows convenient access anytime, anywhere. Just like our healthcare documents are secure and available at the touch of a button, so should an owner’s pet medical history. Medications, previous surgeries and any information pertinent to keeping your furry family member healthy should be readily accessible to anyone with authorization. 

Timely Medical Reminders

With all your pet records online, you’ll have oversight into vaccinations dates, medication reminders, routine checkups and any specialized care your four-legged friend requires. This takes all the guesswork and preparation out of the process, allowing you to focus on, well, anything else! 

A Pet Medical Records Organizer that Does It All

Pet Master ID offers an all-in-one solution to keep track of pet records. Not only do we gather your pet medical history into one convenient location, but our service also allows you to monitor medication, share your pet health records with authorized users (veterinarians, boarders, family members, caregivers, etc) and transfer records to a new veterinarian or pet owner with the click of a button. 

Along with easy access to pet health information online, we’re offering the Lost Pet Alert feature for no extra charge. If your family member wanders away, you can immediately report them missing into our global database so they can be returned home safely. 

Pet Master ID is the only pet identity access tag on the market that provides all these features— all you have to do is scan the provided QR code when you register your pet. Learn more

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