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The Best Lost Pet Tool Available

Every loving pet owner’s worst nightmare is losing track of their loved one— unfortunately, that’s the reality for millions of families every year. Microchips, nametags and other forms of identification are vital to an expedient recovery.

Pet Master ID’s instant lost-pet reporting feature provides unparalleled notification to help you find your lost pet. Here’s how:

Instant Lost-Pet report at Touch of a Button

Not only does Pet Master ID allow you to access all of your companion’s medical and ownership records by scanning a QR code, but we’re also offering our instant lost-pet reporter bonus when you sign up. Owners can use their smartphones to immediately report a lost pet.

Lost-Pet Finder Tools

Finders of a PetMasterID lost-pet locate the owner through one of three ways:

  1. Scan the pet’s PetMasterID QR Coded pet ID tag which will immediately display pet and owner contact information for safe return. Pet owner has full control of what information is displayed.
  2. Scan pet for a microchip and match against our large PetMasterID chip database.
  3. Search the PetMasterID Lost-Pet-Alert online cloud database where a PetMasterID pet was reported as lost.

Animal Care Providers Can Maintain Care of Lost Pet

Continuous medication care of medicated lost pets can save the pet’s life because a scan of the pet’s QR Coded ID tag displays the current status of all active medication and whether it’s time to administer a dose of medication.

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