Pet ID Records

There’s a New Way to Access Pet ID Records

Managing your four-legged friends is difficult enough without having scattered, incomplete pet medical records— fortunately, we’ve created a simple and convenient way for owners to access and manage pet ID records.

Here’s why Pet Master ID is unique: 

Cumulative Records at the Scan of a QR code 

Once you’ve provided the necessary information, our system works to create a cumulative overview of your pet’s medical history. This includes all health information, previous surgeries and veterinary visits, and any medications or special care your family member requires.  

We’ll send you tags with a unique QR code that you can scan with any camera-enabled smart device to securely access all pet medical records— including medication and appointment reminders for proactive, regular care. 

Secure, Shareable Information 

With Pet Master ID, you can easily share any pet health information with veterinarians and caretakers. You have full control over who gets to access this information and can easily transfer your pet’s medical history and pertinent health information at the click of a button. 

You won’t have to hunt down individual files or worry about missing information, we have everything you need to keep veterinarians and caretakers informed. 

Better Than A Microchip

We accept and store your pet’s current microchip number when you register, which means that your pet ID records are saved in our database, as well as the ones veterinarians and shelters use. The key difference with our system: we provide a QR code that allows immediate access to all information —pet medical history, our pet finder database, etc— from your smartphone. 

No one else in the industry supports both methods to display and access pet information. If your furry companion goes missing and someone in the neighborhood finds them, they won’t need to take them to a vet or shelter to be identified. They can simply scan the QR code and any information required to return your pet will appear. 

Gaining Access to Pet ID Records 

Pet Master ID’s secure, convenient pet medical records organizer gives owners full control of all information necessary to keep their furry friends safe— including our instant pet finder feature. 

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