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Where to Store Dog Medical History

Storing your dog’s medical history is imperative to receiving optimal care and staying in front of any potential health concerns, now and in the future. Whether it’s for routine care or emergency visits, veterinarians need to have a full overview of your companion’s records in order to provide the best care possible. 

But where should you store pet medical records and what should you keep track of? 

Why Prioritize Your Pet’s Medical History? 

Maintaining a cumulative record of your dog’s medical history is imperative. Just like with humans, each animal comes with its unique set of ailments that require specific care— whether it’s allergies, skin conditions or more dangerous circumstances. 

Veterinarians and anyone else in charge of caring for your companion need to know exactly how to keep them safe, especially in case of emergency. Most boarding facilities, trainers and sitters also require proof of vaccination before working with your animal. 

Options for Storage

There are many ways to store pet medical history— some choose to keep their records in cloud storage so they can access them from anywhere. There are also countless apps available. Others choose the old-fashioned way, keeping this information in a thumb drive. 

However, now there’s a more convenient method: Pet Master ID’s easy-to-use, cumulative pet medical records organizer. Once we receive the necessary information, we’ll create a full overview of your pup’s medical history and provide a set of tags with a QR code for you to easily (and securely) access and transfer this information. 

You’ll have medication and appointment reminders and be able to see and share all of their health information.

Getting Started

The process is simple: register your pet and we’ll send you tags with your pet’s unique QR code. From there, you’ll have access to your pet’s medical history from the convenience of your smartphone. 

Access and storage of dog medical history has never been easier. 

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